Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Tanzania

Year Restrictions

No Age Limit

Destination Port

Dar Es Salaam

Time of Shipment

RoRo (24-34 Days)

Vessel Schedule

RoRo (Monthly)

Shipping Line

Hoegh Autoliners



Shipping Ports:

Used car from Japan are shipped to the port of Dar Es Salaam to be imported in Tanzania.


JAAI Inspection is elementary for vehicles imported from Japan. Vehicles being imported to Tanzania from Japan are required to have passed the JAAI inspection. Before importing a vehicle from Japan, make sure the vehicle has taken the JAAI inspection. Along with the shipping documents, certificate of JAAI will also be sent.

Age Restriction:

There is no age limit on the import of used cars in Tanzania from Japan. However used motor vehicles of 8 years of age or more, counted from the year of manufacture are charged additional excise duty while imported in Tanzania:
With effect from 1st July, the parliament has announced the age restriction to be 8 years instead of 10 years, beyond it dumping fess is applicable.
Importation of cars, vans, trucks, buses etc meant to be driven on public roads in Tanzania are subject to this new rule. However, this new age restriction is not valid to Cargo in transit, machinery and earth moving equipment like grader, bulldozers, agricultural equipment.

Documents Required:

Import Taxation in Tanzania:

  • Import duty 25%
  • VAT 20%
  • Cumulatively this is 50% of dutiable value.
  • Import duty 25%
  • Excise duty 10%
  • VAT 20%
  • Cumulatively this is 65% of dutiable value.

Excise Duty:

Excise Duty is a duty charged on specific goods and services manufactured locally or imported on varying rates. Excise Duty on Motor vehicles imported in Tanzania is charged based on cylinder capacity as follows:
Vehicle of cylinder capacity not exceeding 1000cc 0%
Vehicle of cylinder capacity exceeding 1000cc but not exceeding 2000cc 5%
Vehicle of cylinder capacity exceeding 2000cc 10%
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