Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Taiwan

Year Restrictions

Max. 10 Year Old

Destination Port


Time of Shipment

5-9 Days

Vessel Schedule


Shipping Line

ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd



Shipping Ports:

Port of Keelung, Port of Taichung and Port of Kaohsiung are the ports of the country.

Age Restriction:

Importation of automobiles under a year old and over 10 years old are prohibited in the country. Only one vehicle is allowed per customer, which must operate with lead-free gasoline and new or used motor vehicles manufactured in WTO member countries are allowed to be imported to Taiwan

Left-Hand Drive Vehicles:

Left Hand Drive Vehicles are allowed to be import in the country.


Once an imported vehicle has cleared customs it must meet further requirements before Certificates of Title are given Environmental protection inspection Energy efficiency standard test Vehicle inspection in Taiwan is overseen by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC). Local Motor Vehicles Offices provide details of the recognised test centres within the region.

Documents Required:

Duties and Taxes:

  • Import duty, which is levied at 17.5 percent of the customs value of the vehicle, which is itself a function of its make, model and age
  • VAT charged at 5 percent of the car’s value plus import duty and commodity tax
  • Commodity tax. This depends on the size of the engine but is around 25-30 percent of the car’s value
  • Business tax, which is calculated as 5 percent of the sum of the Customs value, Import Duty and Commodity Tax

Getting a Taiwanese Licence Plate:

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