Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in South Sudan

Year Restrictions

No Age Limit

Destination Port

Mombasa (Kenya)

Time of Shipment

24-36 Days (RoRo)

Vessel Schedule

Monthly (RoRo)

Shipping Line

Hyundai Glovis


No Inspection Required

Shipping Ports:

Generally import of used vehicles in South Sudan is done through Port Sudan.

Age Restriction:

No age limitation on used vehicles imported in South Sudan.


There is no mandatory pre-shipment inspection on used vehicles imported in South Sudan.

Which hand drive vehicle can be imported?

Both Left hand drive vehicles and Right hand drive vehicles can be imported in South Sudan, though driving is on the right hand side.

Documents required for port clearance:

Note: All importers need registration with the Import/Export Registry at the Ministry of Foreign Trade. All commercial imports into Sudan require an Import Declaration Form (IDF).

When the importer applies for an Import Declaration Form (IDF), the information to be filled in is provided by the supplier with a Proforma Invoice.

Taxes and Duties

Importers must pay the required duties, taxes and fees and receive an official release order for the goods. Duties, taxes and fees should be payed before releasing the goods. Exemption on taxes is provided by Central Government.

Proforma Invoice must contain:

For commercial vehicle importation, importers or their appointed customs agent must present

Duties and Taxes:

  1. Custom taxes at Yei range from 0% to 20%
  2. Custom taxes at Juba range from 0% to 45%
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