Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Malawi

Year Restrictions

No Age Limit

Destination Port

Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)

Time of Shipment

RoRo (24-34 Days)

Vessel Schedule

RoRo (Monthly)

Shipping Line



No Inspection Required

Shipping Ports:

Used cars shipped from Japan to Malawi are shipped to the following ports: Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Durban (South Africa) and Maputo (Mozambique).

Age Restriction:

No age limitation is imposed on the used vehicles imported to Malawi.

Right-Hand Drive vehicles :

Only Right-hand drive vehicles are permitted in Malawi. Exception provided on special vehicle cases like Ambulance, Fire engine.


Used vehicles imported do not require any specific road worthiness inspection.

Shipping Method:

RoRo is a general method for vehicle shipment. On request of customers, more expensive shipping method of containers is arranged.

Documents Required :

Taxes and Duties on used vehicles :

Engine CapacityImport DutyExcise DutyVAT
Up to 2000cc – seating capacity less than 10 people25%15%16.5%
2000 – 2500cc – seating capacity less than 10 people25%16.5%30%
2500 – 3000cc – seating capacity less than 10 people25%40%16.5%
Over 3000c – seating capacity less than 10 people25%50%16.5%
Minibus holding more than 10 people25%Nil16.5%
Trucks under 3 Ton10.00%5.00%16.5%
Trucks over 3 Ton1.10%2.50%Nil
Truck over 10 TonNil1.50%Nil
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