Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Lithuania

Year Restrictions


Destination Port


Time of Shipment

31-38 Days

Vessel Schedule


Shipping Line




Shipping Ports:

The Port of Klaipėda is a seaport located in Klaipėda, Lithuania.

Left-Hand Drive Vehicles:

Importation of left hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country. It is allowed to import a vehicle on temporary basis in the country.

Documents Required:

Duties and Taxes:

  1. Cars under seven years off are subject to 10 percent duty and 18 percent VAT.
  2. Cars over seven years old subject to 18 percent VAT
  3. Temporary import is possible. 2percent deposit is to be made to Riga Customs together with application for temporary import. Maximum temporary import is 1 year.
  4. Between 11% and 22% for trucks, busses and other large automobiles.
  5. Diplomatic cars can be registered through Foreign Ministry only and Embassies know procedures.
  6. Customs has book of car values and will use this as minimum if declared value drops below customs book valuations.
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