Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Laos

Year Restrictions

No Age Restrictions

Destination Port

Port of Laos

Time of Shipment


Vessel Schedule


Shipping Line



No Inspection Required

Shipping Ports:

The common port in Laos for importation of used vehicles from Japan is Port of Laos.

Left-Hand Drive Vehicles:

Importation of left-hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country. Right-hand drive vehicles are prohibited in the country.

Documents Required:

Duties and Taxes:

  • According to Foreign Trade Policy Department, Lao PDR had begun to reduce import tariffs on goods since 2008 and now import tariffs on many products including vehicles have been reduced to zero.
  • Duties and taxes are to be paid on the used vehicle imported in the country. However, Foreign Diplomats are allowed to import one vehicle into Laos duty free. Letter from the Laos Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required verifying the importer’s status and allowing the permit of duty free vehicle import. Vehicles are subject to duties assessed on the type, age and engine size of the vehicle.

Conditions To Import Used Vehicles:

It is absolutely prohibited to employees, civil servants or relevant organizations to register the use of vehicles not in compliance with laws and assembled or rehabilitated cars from the factories in the country that do not meet the control according to the standard or technical norms of quality (QC) as provided for in Article 9 of this Regulation or rules issued by the Ministry of MCTPC.
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