Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Guyana

Year Restrictions

Max. 8 Years Old

Destination Port


Time of Shipment

RoRo (24-34 Days)

Vessel Schedule

RoRo (Less than Bi-Monthly)

Shipping Line

Yuwa, Hoegh,MOL


No Inspection Required

Shipping Ports:

Port Georgetown is the principal port of the country. It is the most recommended port of the country.

Age Restriction:

Japanese used vehicle imported in Guyana should not be more than 5 years old. Small trucks up to 3 tons must be less than four years old.

Right-Hand Drive Vehicles:

Only right hand drive cars are imported in Guyana.


No mandatory inspection is required on second-hand vehicle imported from Japan.

Documents Required:

Importing A Vehicle:

Import Tax Rates:

Taxes are calculated generally on the basis of engine size and manufacturing year.

1. Duties to be paid for Motor Vehicles of 4 Years & Older

Engine CC Excise Duty
0 – 1000cc 10% Custom Duty and US$4200 as Excise Tax
1000 – 1500cc 10% Custom Duty and US$4200 as Excise Tax
1500 – 1800cc 30% Custom Duty and US$6000 as Excise Tax
1800 – 2000cc 30% Custom Duty and US$6500 as Excise Tax
2000 – 3000cc 70% Custom Duty and US$13500 as Excise Tax
More Than 3000cc 100% Custom Duty and US$14500 as Excise Tax

2. Duties to be paid for Motor Vehicles Below 4 Years

Engine CC Custom Duty Excise TAX VAT
0 – 1500cc 45% 14%
1500 – 1800cc 45% 10% 14%
1800 – 2000cc 45% 10% 14%
2000 – 3000cc 45% 110% 14%
More Than 3000cc 45% 140% 14%

Note: Duties are depend on vehicle CNF price.

1. For Private Vehicles

  • Custom Duties- 150%
  • VAT-16%
  • Excise Tax- 10-110%*

Custom duty depends on cc starting from 4200-6200 USD.

2. For Commercial Vehicle

  • Custom Duties- 150%
  • VAT-16%
  • Excise Tax- 10-110%
* Custom duty depends on cc starting from 13500 USD.

Regulations For Used Tyres of Motor Vehicles:

The new regulation is implied on used tyres of motor vehicles including motor cars, vans, buses, pickups, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and other related vehicles. The usage of only brand new tyres is allowed as a statement from GRA elaborated,


” If a vehicle bearing used tyres is presented, they can be allowed entry only if the tyres have at least 6mm depth”.


GRA is granting a phase-in period for a month realizing on 30th April 2017. During this period, if the vehicles are purchased and shipped before April 1st, 2017, tyres of used cars will be allowed entry along with the car. Once the phase-in period actualizes, the importers of used tyres not fulfilling the specified guidelines will be charged with a fine according to the following criteria:


GUY$10,000 *(For cars, vans and mini-bus)


GUY$15,000 * (For pickups and SUVs)


The fine is applied on a per tyre basis including the spare However, in case the replacement of tyres is not required, the costs amounting for the non-replacing tyres will be deducted.

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